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Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by ILOVEMATTHARDY » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:42 pm

This is AF Challenge #8.

The task here is simple. Merely book the final quarter of 2010, from HiaC to December 31st. It has to start off accurate and include both brands, so therein, you can't just have Mickie James come back with the IC title. She has to ome back and win it from Dolph ziggler, etc.

Let's see what you got, suckas.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by SHADE 45 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:17 pm

- Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty join the Nexus. Cena is very displeased with taking orders from Barrett. The anonymous GM makes Barrett vs Cena at Bragging Rights where Cena gets his freedom if he wins. Cena wins. At Survivor Series, Cena and any 4 men he wants take on Barrett and any 4 members of The Nexus he chooses. Cena's team includes Cena, The Big Show, Kofi Kingston, a returning Vince McMahon, and the surprise teammate of Triple H. The match comes down to Cena and HHH vs Barrett. HHH turns on Cena and lets Barrett pin him. The Nexus wins. The next night on Raw, HHH reveals that he is the GM of Raw. Triple H faces Cena at TLC in a chairs match.
- Randy Orton faces Sheamus one last time at Bragging Rights in a Last Man Standing match. Orton wins. After the match, Miz cashes in and pins Orton to win the WWE title. They face each other in a regular match at Survivor Series where Miz wins. They have a ladder match for the title at TLC and Miz wins again after interference.
- Daniel Bryan and Alex Riley feud.

- Paul Bearer reveals that he's been with Kane the whole time. Undertaker didn't need him anymore 6 years ago and he doesn't want him back. Undertaker attacks Bearer on SD and Kane faces Taker at Bragging Rights with Paul Bearer locked in a cage above the ring. Undertaker wins the title. At Survivor Series, Kane and Taker face off in a Buried Alive match which Taker wins, leading to Kane disappearing until the Rumble. Undertaker faces Edge in a TLC Match for the title at TLC and wins.
- Kaval beats Dolph Ziggler for the IC Title. Alberto Del Rio then beats Kaval
- Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes defend the tag titles a few times against The Dude Busters, not much comes out of it.

- During some of the competitions, Maxine is oddly getting options that make her easier to win (ex better topics for promos). She wins a few competitions. Aksana gets eliminated first. The first poll reads: 1. AJ 2. Naomi 3. Kaitlyn 4. Jamie 5. Maxine 6. Aksana. Next poll has Jamie eliminated. Before the 3rd elimination, Aksana and Jamie return revealing footage of Maxine manipulating Matt Striker to get him to help her win. She is automatically eliminated and Striker is removed from his hosting position and replaced by Abe (I can't think of anyone else to replace him with). Kaitlyn comes in 3rd (much to the delight of Vickie Guerrero) as she shoves her down on her butt one last time before leaving. AJ and Naomi have a one on one match before the show ends. AJ is the winner of NXT.

Prob could go into more detail, but have other stuff to do. Not like I'm part of this anyway
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by mgwyn » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:29 pm

Raw WWE Title - I would have Miz cash in his MITB before or at Bragging Rights in his frustration over not being able to get his US Title back from Daniel Bryan. Have a 3-Way feud between Sheamus, Orton, and Miz for the title, and at Survivor Series have Triple H come back and cost Sheamus the title, which allows Miz to retain. The Miz can feud with Orton over the next PPV or 2, with Orton winning the title back at either TLC or Royal Rumble. Triple H and Sheamus can continue their feud into next year as well (or just have it end at TLC).

U.S. Title - I would have Morrison and Daniel Bryan feud over the title, eventually seeing Morrison win it...I would like this to be one of those rare respect vs. respect feuds that are based around brilliant matches and just the title.

John Cena/Nexus - As much as I would like to see Cena turn heel, I think him starting out as reluctant to follow Wade Barrett and then eventually shocking the world by getting into his role is too TNA-esque. So I would take the WWE's obvious route of having Cena follow orders for a while against his will and do a few things to be punished along the way, and eventually turn on Team Nexus at Survivor Series and possibly have a TLC match with Barrett to allow him to get out of Nexus.

Other - I would have Ezekiel Jackson return and feud with R-Truth in a "I'm an educated African American man, and you set our people back 10 years" type starter feud and begin to have him establish dominance. All of the other Raw jobbers can keep on keepin' on.

Smackdown World Heavyweight Championship - I would honestly just go ahead and let Kane and Undertaker have another one or 2 matches for the title before Undertaker gains victory. I would have Kane reclaim the title at either TLC or Royal Rumble and then severely injure Undertaker after his victory. Undertaker returns at Elimination Chamber and costs Kane the title to wait for it...Alberto Del Rio. This sets up Kane vs. Undertaker at WM27. Christian would win the Royal Rumble and face Del Rio for the WHC at WM27.

Intercontinental Championship - I would have Kofi win the title on an episode of Smackdown, and then drop it to Alberto Del Rio at Bragging Rights or Survivor Series. This gives Del Rio and Kofi a chance to have a nice feud that elevates Del Rio over the months leading into the above storyline. Kofi wins his title back at Royal Rumble to take it off of Del Rio. (After reading Shade's post, I think it would be better to have Kaval win the IC title and have Del Rio take it off of him.)

Tag Team Titles - I would give the Usos a feud with Dashintyre and let them pick up the titles. It's hard to be creative on this one.

Unified Divas title - I would let Natalya pick up the title and bring it to Raw, and let Layla and McCool feud on Smackdown. Have Beth Phoenix return and feud with Natalya.

I would have CM Punk have a feud with Hardy where he calls him fat and makes fun of him for eating fast food a lot and then he owns him at a couple of PPV's and Hardy gets released.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by Cruisermark88 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:10 am

Considering I barely keep up with WWE I had to be clever...

[spoiler=]*Cruisermark88 is sitting at a desk trying to scribble down some thoughts for this challenge*
Me: Let's see John Cena is a part of Nexus now, Mysterio is feuding with some new hispanic guy, Sheamus beats the shit out Daniel Bryan for no reason, and I don't even know anyone in NXT....I don't think I can work with this shit. I just don't care about anything that's happening. :( Why did WCW have to die?! I know I could have saved it!
*a mysterious cloaked figure emerges from the shadows covered in smoke and an omnipresent voice says "So you think you could have saved WCW huh?"*
Me: Who are you?
*the figure steps forth*
Me: Task Master Kevin Sullivan?!
KS: Yes it is I.
Me: Why are you dressed like Obi Wan Kenobi?
KS: That's not important. Do you really think you could have saved it?
Me: Knowing what i know now, of course!
KS: I'd be willing to test your assumption.
*a portal emerges out of the smoke*
KS: Come step inside the portal, and we will go back in time and try to right the wrongs of the past. But be forewarned what you change is permanent, it cannot be undone for better or for worse. Do you accept?
Me: I don't know man, this whole situation kinda screams rape to me.
KS: Just go already!
*Cruisermark and Kevin Sullivan walk through the portal and fly through the stereotypical purple tunnel thing with clocks all over the place and shit*
KS: Ah, here we are. The head office of WCW Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia in January 1998.
*Sullivan flips around the name plate on a desk that reads 'Executive Vice President: Cruisermark88'*
KS: Ready to get to work?
Me: I was born ready! Place a delivery order for a party sub and let's get going!
*one year passes by to the day after Starrcade '98*
KS: Well kid, I gotta be honest you gave it your all but these are some mixed results at best. The year long undefeated streaks you gave both Perry Saturn and Scott Norton were impressive, but they literally killed all the veterans before they had the chance to put anyone else over.
Me: Yeah, but it was totally worth it to see Saturn rip Kevin Nash's small intestine out of his live body, wrap it around his waste like a belt and declare himself the real World Champion. Then the next night when Hogan was about to surrender the belt and plead for mercy, Norton comes up behind him and rips his fucking head off! That drew the best rating in television history.
KS: True, but you were only thinking of the short term benefits. Having all the PPVs be three hour time limit draws between the two after that can only be entertaining for so long.
Me: That's not entirely my fault though. They're just truly equals. I mean trust me, I wouldn't have given Ultimo Dragon all the other belts in the company if I didn't want him to defend them at some point.
KS: Well even then we haven't had a real world champion in either Norton or Saturn for months! It's just a bad situation.
Me: Which is why I used all of the money we've made so far to fund the scientific research we used to genetically fuse them both together last night at Starrcade.
KS: Then they killed most of those in attendance and are still rampaging across the country! Again, not good for us!
Me: Again, can't see how that's really my fault. I thought the giant robots would actually be formidable opponents for them.
KS: Nonetheless, they are taking you out kid. In fact they are actually bringing in Russo a full eight months earlier than they did when you were watching.
Me: Wow, I guess I really did screw up...but there's got to be another way I can save this thing!
KS: Well there is one more key event in the downfall of WCW, but it changing it will have nothing to do with your acquired wrestling knowledge.
Me: I'll do anything to save this company, just take me there!
*With that Cruisermark and Sullivan go through the time portal once again, but this time go forward in time one full year*
KS: Here we are, the year 2000 in Vancouver, Canada. Do you know what happens here?
Me: *trembles*...New...New...New Blood Rising. I don't know if I can do this Kevin.
KS: It's okay my friend, for the day has not yet arrived. This is the Pacific Coliseum where the event takes place, but at this moment it's the site of National Canadian Worldwide Hockey Games.
Me: That's really the name?
KS: I don't know, it's hockey who gives a shit. The point is Canada is so crazy about this sport that if their team wins the tournament it will become a historical landmark and will be prohibited from being tainted by any other event. The finals for the tournament are tonight. Lets go inside, it's the scheduled practice time for Team Canada and I have a feeling you will find a familiar face.
*They head inside the arena to find it completely empty*
Me: What's going on?
*Sullivan points to a lone person dressed in full hockey gear sitting on the bleachers. Cruisermark approaches him...*
Me: Hey man, where is everyone? Don't you guys have...wait...ILMH?!
ILMH: Nah man, the names James. Who is ILMH?
Me: Oh...uhm...nothing. Nevermind.
ILMH: So what's your story Dutch?
Me: How did you know I was Dutch?
ILMH: Well I mean the wooden clogs with shorts kinda led me there.
KS: I was wondering about that...
Me: It's a style alright! I figured since we were going into the past I could try to make it cool for when know what, it's not even important right now!
ILMH: Wow, you really are a crazy Dutch bastard, but if you don't mind I was clearly doing some first rate sulking here.
Me: Yeah, what's up with that? Where is everyone?
ILMH: The rest of my team mates got sick with the flu. The only reason I didn't catch it was because I passed out on the curb early last night before they were all contaminated. MVP of the drink right here! But now I'm stuck here alone and it looks like I'm going to have to forfeit the game. It will be one of the most humiliating defeats in Canadian history.
Me: Well, let's just go get you some more team mates. This is Canada after all.
ILMH: You just think all Canadians can play hockey?
Me: ...pretty much.
ILMH: Even though that's pretty true, this is for the National Canadian Worldwide Championship Cup!
KS: Told you that was the name...
ILMH: You can't just pick random people off the street and expect them to fill those slots.
Me: Don't worry I have a plan. You just stay here and practice and I'll be back!
*About an hour later Cruisermark returns with a full hockey team ready to play*
ILMH: Wow Dutch, it looks like you did it! Such a diverse group too, I wouldn't have even assumed any of these guys could even play hockey. You even got a couple of chicks and an asian kid, good going.
Me: Yep, you can always count on me to pull through.
ILMH: you really think that chubby black kid can even play hockey?
Me: Whoa! Dude, being kinda racist there don't you think?! Take it easy on Booker T.
ILMH: I just mean look at him he's just standing there trying to mess with the puck or something...
Me: Yeah, he's setting up for his secret shot!
ILMH: He just kinda reminds me of that kid from Good Bur...DID YOU REASSEMBLE ALL OF THE KIDS FROM THE MIGHTY DUCKS SEQUEL?!
Me: Yep, common knowledge: best hockey team ever.
Me: Well they're not the real actors. They all live in Hollywood and want nothing to do with Canada, but look I gave them all the right gimmicks. See those two guys with the bandannas? They're gonna break all the rules, but have fun doing it and express themselves in their own way.
ILMH: ಠ_ಠ
Me: What? It's gonna work.
*The game proceeds and Team Canada is totally destroyed. The loss was only exacerbated by Cruisermark's coaching as his only play was to repeatedly try the Flying V, even when not in possession of the puck*
Me: Well I guess it didn't work.
ILMH: NO SHIT IT DIDN'T WORK! *takes a huge drag of his cigarette to calm himself down* Well I guess now I only have pro wrestling and World of Warcraft as viable hobbies as my hockey career is effectively done in.
Me: Yeah, you all did play pretty terrible.
ILMH: It doesn't matter now. *ILMH picks up his things to walk out* I'll catch you later Dutch. Maybe we can check out New Blood Rising together. Peace.
Me: Oh shit, New Blood Rising! I totally forgot! I was so caught up in all this Mighty Ducks stuff that I lost track of why we were here! Kevin, say it isn't going to happen!
KS: What can I say kid, you failed. WCW might as well be dead at this very moment. But at least you gave it your best shot.
Me: I guess this all was truly a waste wasn't it? I didn't make a bit of difference in anything.
KS: I wouldn't say that. Remember the smallest change in the course of events can have a profound effect on future outcomes.
*the portal reappears and takes Cruisermark and Sullivan back to 2010. They are sitting front row at WWE's Hell in a Cell PPV*
Me: Holy shit is that CM Punk and Triple H trading blows on top of the Cell?
KS: It sure is.
*All of a sudden Punk knees Trips in the stomach and gives him the Pepsi Plunge off the cell into the announcer's table, in the process killing both Triple H and Micheal Cole. However, CM Punk emerges not injured*
Me: Holy shit! This future isn't so bad!
KS: Take a look around, it even gets better. *Sullivan points across the arena*
Me: Is that rich? Is he wearing a Jimmy Jacobs "From Kiss 2 Kill" t-shirt?! This is the best future ever!
KS: Ah yes, but not everything is going so well. *Sullivan turns Cruiser around and point several rows back* Do you see your friend Longshot? Look at what he's become!
Longshot: *drunkenly stumbles over to two girls* Hey ladies, I work at a liquor store. Who wants some?
Me: No, that's pretty much how I remember him...
KS: But look at him! He's exposing himself to them, and they're clearly underage! Maybe sixteen at best!
Me: *shrugs*
KS: ...well that kinda throws the whole counter balance point that I was going to make out the window. So what did you learn through this whole ordeal Cruiser?
Me: That playing God has absolutely zero negative consequences, and ILMH is a really bad hockey player.
KS: Good enough I guess.
Me: You know, you're about as good of a guardian angel as you are a booker.
KS: Thanks.
Me: Wasn't a compliment...


See how I took that full circle with the whole fantasy booking thing?
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by ILOVEMATTHARDY » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:26 am

"Hmmm this seems kind of thin. I need SOMETHING to make it bett..... I GOT IT!'
And thus begun the Cruisermark/Emilio Estevez led hockey side story. Well done.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by LegendKillerRAB » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:27 am

Crusier, if I could thank multiple times, you'd probably be up 1000 by tommorow. That was simply the funniest shit I've read in months.
DBry 3:16 says YES! YES! YES!
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by Longshot » Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:19 pm

Pretty accurate representation of me, except I would have already been naked at that point and ready to go. Also instead of an actual bad pick up line, I would have sang "More Than A Feeling" by Boston... and about three quarters of that really happened.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by Cruisermark88 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:42 pm

I'm glad you approve Shot.

This was actually a combination of a few separate ideas I had for awhile written down in a notepad file, the Super Perry Norton fusion, ILMH hockey story, etc., but I never got around to fleshing all of them out. Then after a few beers at 4am I got ambitious enough to just throw them all together. The beers and lack of sleep probably also account for why I've had to edit random mistakes out a few times already. I need more good ideas when I'm sober and awake.

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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by IWillNotDie » Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:43 pm

I couldn't book a reservation at a restaurant so instead, enjoy this.


This is the second image result when you put "book the final quarter" into Google...Look at him...seems pretty suave, eh? And remember, I vote against me is a vote against your respected country of origin. You don't HATE your country of origin, do you?[/spoiler]

I so lost.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by Longshot » Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:40 am

Ok, bear with me on this because it's going to be lengthy.

SD! 10/8[spoiler=]Teddy Long comes out and announces that Smackdown has acquired Edge in exchange for CM Punk. He goes on to say that Bragging Rights is coming up and SD will field a team to compete with a Raw team. He says that Edge is the captain.
Build to Bragging Rights: Edge comes out and cuts a promo talking about personally sticking it to the Raw GM and his team of flunkies. He says that his team will be composed of the most dominant members of the SD roster. He says that there will be a series of matches to determine the other participants.
(Build to BR) Luke Gallows vs. Kofi Kingston – Kofi pins Gallows after a back and forth match for a spot on the SD team.
Swagger runs into Edge in the back and demands a spot on the team. Edge tells him that he will have to earn it like everyone not named Edge. Swagger asks who his opponent is. Edge tells him to go to the ring and find out.
(Divas Championship) LayCool cut promos on the way to the ring before dispatching Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes
(Build to BR) Jack Swagger vs. Big Show – Big Show KO’s Swaggy for a spot on the SD team
(Tag Titles) Drewsky and DCR make short work of Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins and are added to the SD team (5 of 7 members so far)
(Heavyweight Championship) Kane comes out with Paul Bearer and cuts a promo about how even their father has chosen Kane over The Undertaker. This goes on for a while until Kane finally says that it is time to bury the Undertaker for good. He says that at Bragging Rights he is challenging the Undertaker to a buried alive match. A few dongs from a bell and some special effects later, Taker has come out and accepted the challenge.[/spoiler]

Raw 10/11[spoiler=](WWE Title) Barrett, with Nexus and Cena, cuts an in ring promo saying that he will be the WWE champ at Bragging Rights. He also tells Cena that because of his stellar performance the week before, Cena will now be his personal bodyguard. He then says that Orton won’t touch him until Bragging Rights because of this. Orton comes out and takes exception. They jabber back and forth. The Nexus minus Cena and Barrett attack and are beaten down one by one. Orton goes after Barrett, Cena intervenes by pushing Orton off Barrett. Orton RKOs Cena. Barrett scrambles out of the ring. Orton stands tall as Nexus heads to the back.
(Build to Bragging Rights) Miz cuts a promo about him being awesome. The Raw GM interrupts by agreeing via Michael Cole and saying that Miz will captain the Raw team at Bragging Rights. Miz demands the right to pick his own team, which the GM allows.
(US Title) Daniel Bryan comes out and cuts a promo on Sheamus saying that this is wrestling and that is the kind of match he was prepared for, but if Sheamus fancies another go, they can settle their differences tonight in a street fight (non-title) since that is more Sheamus’ style. Sheamus accepts.
(Non-title) Streetfight: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus – Long match that goes throughout the arena. Finally Daniel Bryan has Sheamus cornered and is about to deliver a chair shot to finish him off when the Miz hits him with the MITB briefcase, knocking him out. Sheamus pins for the win.
(Build to Bragging Rights) Miz cuts a promo saying that he liked the way Sheamus handled Bryan the week before and offers him a spot on his Bragging Rights team. Sheamus accepts.
(Divas) LayCool vs. The Bellas – A return match from the week before. This match sees LayCool giving the Bellas a thorough stomping and then making fun of them.
(CM Punk Debuts) CM Punk debuts on Raw with a promo saying that Smackdown didn’t deserve to be saved by the Straight Edge Messiah, but there is hope for Raw now that he is here. He goes on to say that he should be considered for the Bragging Rights team because sometimes the only way to save something is to exterminate it.
(Raw Main Event) Heath Slater vs. Randy Orton – Orton takes the upper hand and Nexus (including Cena) comes out to surround the ring. Orton hits an RKO and Nexus storms the ring. Orton gets the upperhand until Cena chop blocks him from behind and hits the Attitude Adjustment. Cena throws his shirt and armbands into the crowd as the show ends.[/spoiler]

SD! 10/15[spoiler=](Build to Bragging Rights) Alberto Del Rio arrives on the scene in his usual manner. He cuts a promo saying that he should be on the SD team. Mysterio arrives and they brawl. Teddy Long and Edge arrive on the scene and say that the main event will be Mysterio and Del Rio for a spot on the team.
In the back, Swagger and Gallows individually complain to Long and Edge about not making the SD team. Long says the two will be paired and if they win they are on the team.
Drewsky and DCR vs. Swagger and Gallows – DCR and Drewsky get the pinfall in a short match. Both musics play to placate the smarks.
(IC Belt) Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval – Ziggler wins in a 9 minute match. Post-match he cuts a promo saying that he does not see the glory in being a team player and so he has a challenge of his own to make. Ziggler challenges Daniel Bryan to a match at Bragging Rights.
(SD Main Event) Del Rio vs. Mysterio – After a long match Mysterio starts gaining the upperhand. When Mysterio goes for the 619, Del Rio rolls out of the ring and stomps off. Del Rio is counted out and Mysterio is added to the Bragging Rights team. (6 of 7)[/spoiler]

Raw 10/18[spoiler=]Nexus is in the ring already. Barrett talks about what a good soldier Cena has been so far. He is truly surprised. He asks if Cena has anything to say. Cena takes the mic. He says that he was on very much torn on what to do for the past two weeks. He is required to be in Nexus in order to keep his job. He says that he planned to do what he was told and nothing more. He was going to cut corners and slack off on that job as well. That is, until Randy Orton RKOed him. All Orton had to do was back off. Cena wasn’t going to attack him… but that changed the instant that Orton drove his head into the mat. He looks over at Gabriel, who hands him a Nexus shirt which Cena puts on. Cena says that now when you’re against Nexus, you’re against him.
(US Title) Daniel Bryan vs. Alex Riley– Daniel Bryan makes him tap. Post-match, Daniel Bryan cuts a promo accepting Dolph Ziggler’s challenge.
(Build to Bragging Rights) Morrison finds Miz in the back. Morrison wants on the Raw team. Miz and him banter back and forth. Miz tells him that if he wins the match he has planned for him tonight, Morrison can be on the team.
(Build to Bragging Rights) Morrison vs. Khali –Morrison comes out and gives a random kid his sunglasses. Morrison and Khali go at it for a while. Morrison attacks with kicks and evades Khali. Khali eventually charges Morrison in the corner, Morrison dodges, hits a flash kick, and then Starship Pain to get the pinfall.
Post match -Miz comes out and says that was really impressive. Cuts a condescending promo, and then says that he, The Miz, is the captain and members of his team must be ready to follow his orders implicitly. Morrison says ok. Miz orders him to take his sunglasses back from the kid and hand them to Miz. Reluctantly Morrison does. Miz throws them on the ground and stomps them before saying welcome to the team. CM Punk’s music hits. He makes his way to the ring. He says that the three of them being in the same ring together brings back memories… except this time he doesn’t want to kick their heads in for a title belt. He wants to join forces. Miz thinks about it, banter ensues, Miz accepts Punk onto the Raw team. (4 of 7 spots taken)
Backstage: Nexus cuts a promo saying that the Raw and SD wrestlers are getting all geared up for this Bragging Rights, but they seem to have forgotten about The Nexus. They announce that they will also be competing in the Bragging Rights interbrand match as their own team. The match will be an elimination battle royal with three men starting the match participants entering the ring every minute. Cena says that since Barrett already has a match, they’re recruiting two young talents to shore up the numbers. McGuillicutty and Husky come in from the sides wearing Nexus gear. Nexus says they have their seven.
In the back, Dibiase is seen handing Miz an envelope. Miz opens it, looks inside, and then says “Alright you’re in.” Dibiase says “Money talks” before leaving. (5 of 7 spots)
(Build to BR)Evan Bourne and Mark Henry vs. Hart Dynasty vs. Santino/Koslov vs. The Usos – Evan Bourne and Mark Henry get the win. Miz comes out and gives them the final two spots on the Raw team. (7/7)
Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth – Barrett comes out with just Cena in his corner. R-Truth gets his customary offense in before Barrett takes the upper hand. Orton starts approaching the ring, distracting Barrett. R-Truth throws Barrett out of the ring to Orton who looks to attack him but is set upon by Cena once again. Cena and Orton brawl to the back. Barrett gets back in the ring and finishes R-Truth off.[/spoiler]

SD! 10/22[spoiler=](BR Build) MVP vs. Masters – MVP wins cleanly and quickly. MVP is added as the final member of the SD! Team.
Jack Swagger challenges Edge for his spot on the SD team. Edge accepts.
(BR Build) Edge vs. Jack Swagger – Edge eventually gains the upperhand when he throws Swagger into the guardrail and then spears him before rolling back into the ring and allowing Swagger to be counted out. He mocks Swagger in the post-match. Swagger seethes.
(Divas Build) Layla (w/ McCool) vs. Natalya – Natalya gets the upperhand until McCool attacks while she is locking in the sharpshooter. Nattie wins via DQ. LayCool stomp her briefly before leaving.
(DCR!!!!) DCR has a vignette about not farting in public. It’s not Dashing!
(WHC Build) Kane vs. Chris Masters opens SD! Kane wins obviously. Post-match, Kane cuts a promo about being done with The Undertaker once and for all and finally being out of his shadow.
(WHC Build) A vignette plays of the Undertaker carrying a shovel and a tombstone in a graveyard. He says nothing but walks through the graveyard before stopping at an open plot. He sets up the tombstone which says “Kane” on it.[/spoiler]

Bragging Rights 10/24[spoiler=]Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler – A solid fast paced match where Bryan gradually wears Ziggler down and makes him tap.
Michelle McCool vs. Natalya – McCool gets the win after Layla distracts Natalya and McCool hits the Faith Breaker. After the match, LayCool begins to beat down Natalya until Beth fucking Phoenix makes the save. Bitches ain’t safe no more at this point.
SD! Vs. Raw vs. Nexus – Morrison, Gabriel, and Mysterio start the match.
Order of arrival: Punk, Drewsky, Slater, Evan Bourne, DCR, Tarver, Mark Henry, Big Show, Otunga, Sheamus, Kofi, McGuillicutty, Dibiase, MVP, Husky, Miz, Edge, Cena.
Match ends with Cena, Gabriel, and Otunga surviving.
Backstage – The victorious Nexus members meet with Barrett in the back. Cena, Otunga, and Gabriel tell Barrett that he has to do this alone to prove he is strong enough to lead Nexus.
Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton – Orton defeats Barrett. There is no interference from Nexus.
Kane vs. Undertaker – Undertaker beats Kane by burying him in the dirt patch they set up outside the ring.[/spoiler]

Raw 10/25[spoiler=](WWE Belt) Orton starts the show with a promo saying that he has vanquished another challenger. Raw GM interrupts saying that a triple threat tonight will determine his next contender for SS. The match will be Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk.
(US Title) Daniel Bryan vs. Evan Bourne – A sweet fucking match. Just think about what these two would do together. I know right? Daniel Bryan makes him tap
(Nexus) Barrett bitches about them not helping him at BR. They tell him that he needs to prove he is strong enough to lead Nexus. Barrett says he will prove it tonight.
(Build to SS) Miz blames Morrison, Bourne, and Henry for the team losing at BR. The three take exception. Sheamus, Riley, and Dibiase make the save for Miz. R-Truth runs in to help the other three. It is a brawl with the faces clearing the ring.
Cena, Gabriel, and Otunga vs. The Harts and Khali – Nexus wins. Cena submits Khali.
Morrison and R-Truth vs. Miz and Riley – Morrison gets the pin on Riley.
Punk vs. Barrett vs. Sheamus – Punk wins getting the pinfall on Barrett. Punk is the #1 contender for the belt. Orton comes down to get in Punk’s face post-match.[/spoiler]

SD! 10/29 – [spoiler=](Build to SS) Edge cuts a promo in the ring lamenting the loss at BR. Swagger runs in with a chair and pummels Edge. While Edge is laid out, he berates him saying that the SD team lost because Swagger wasn’t included.
(Divas) LayCool cut a promo on Beth. Beth comes out, they run away.
(Tag Belts) MVP and Kofi vs. DCR and Drewsky in a non-title match – MVP and Kofi win and are granted title shots at SS.
(Main event) Big Show vs. Mysterio for the #1 contender to Undertaker. Big Show wins. Taker comes out afterwards and confronts him. They shake hands.[/spoiler]

Raw 11/1[spoiler=]Cena is in the ring, says Barrett didn’t live up to his promise to win. Barrett tells him to shut up and that he follows his orders. Otunga interrupts asking who put Barrett in charge? Gabriel asks Barrett if he thinks that he is the best wrestler in the Nexus? Barrett says there is only one way to find out. He announces that there will be a tournament to determine the leadership of the Nexus and that all members of Nexus will be involved. It starts tonight.
(Nexus) Cena vs. Otunga – Cena wins a surprisingly competitive match. Afterwards, he helps Otunga up and they shake hands before heading to the back.
(Nexus) Gabriel vs. McGuillicutty – Gabriel wins a quick match
Sheamus and Dibiase vs. Bourne and Henry – Miz and Riley interfere bringing out Truth and Morrison for another brawl. It is announced that Miz, Riley, Sheamus, and Dibiase will face Bourne, Henry, Truth and Morrison in a traditional Survivor Series match at the PPV.
(Nexus) Barrett vs. Tarver – Barrett wins easily
(Nexus) Slater vs. Husky – Slater wins
(Main event) Punk vs. Daniel Bryan – They tear the fucking roof off the place. Punk gets the win. Orton gets in his face after the match.[/spoiler]

SD! 11/5[spoiler=](Build to SS) Show opens with Del Rio in the ring berating Mysterio. He puts over how he injured Mysterio over the summer and mentions that he was left off the SD team for Mysterio. He says you don’t put in a nobody in a mask over an elite wrestler.
(Divas) Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly – Beth Kills Bitches dead. LayCool are on commentary doing their normal shtick.
JTG vs. Shad Gaspard – Match devolves into a brawl outside of the ring and is eventually thrown out.
(Tag Team) DCR vs. MVP – DCR gets the pinfall after Drew interferes.
Big Show vs. Vance Archer – Show Kos Archer.
(Edge/Swagger) Edge has Swagger as a guest on the Cutting Edge. During this it is revealed that the Classic Survivor Series Match for SD will take place with Edge and Swagger on opposing teams. Edge recruits Mysterio and Kaval for his team. Swagger recruits Gallows and Del Rio for his.[/spoiler]

Raw 11/8[spoiler=]Punk opens with a promo talking about how Straight Edge makes him the ideal champion. You know the deal. Orton RKOs him at some point.
(Nexus) Cena vs. Gabriel – After a good match, Cena gets the win over Gabriel. They shake hands after the match and leave.
(US) Daniel Bryan cuts a promo about the match he and Punk had the week before. He goes on to mention that he doesn’t have a challenger for the US Belt at SS and is making it a point to be a fighting champion. Regal comes out and says that he will be Dragon’s huckleberry.
Dibiase and Miz vs. Morrison and Bourne – Miz and Dibiase get the pin on Bourne.
(Nexus) Slater vs. Barrett – Barrett gets the win.
Orton vs. Sheamus – Orton gets the upper hand until Punk runs in and hits the GTS.[/spoiler]

SD! 11/12[spoiler=]DCR, Drewsky, Swagger, and Gallows vs. Kofi, MVP, Kaval, and Edge – Match finishes when Swagger gets the pin on Edge after some Drew and DCR shenanigans.
Shad Gaspard vs. JTG – Match once again has to be thrown out when the two brawl out of the arena.
(Build to SS) Swagger meets with Shad when the dust settles from Shad’s match. He says that Gaspard is impressing him more and more and offers him a spot on his SS team. Shad agrees.
(Tag Build) Drewsky vs. Kofi – Drewsky gets the pinfall after DCR interference.
(Build to SS) JTG in the back finds Edge and begs to be on his SS team. Edge reluctantly agrees.
(Divas) Beth Phoenix vs. Layla – Beth Kills Bitches. Layla is pinned by Beth. McCool initially goes to interfere but remembers that Beth’s policy on bitches is to kill them and runs away instead.
Big Show cuts a promo about Undertaker where he says he respects Taker but isn’t afraid of him. He says that Taker may have some supernatural tendencies, but Show is the largest athlete in the world and has a fist the size of a basketball to take care of business for him. Taker shenanigans with lights and whatnot. Taker appears in the ring and they brawl.[/spoiler]

Raw 11/15[spoiler=](Nexus) Nexus is in the ring cutting a promo. Barrett says that there is no point in him and Cena fighting again since Barrett already has beaten Cena before. Otunga reminds Barrett that he set up this tournament and they the Nexus will only follow the winner of the match at Survivor Series.
Riley and Sheamus vs. Truth and Henry – Truth gets the pin on Riley
Cena and Wade Barrett vs. Evan Bourne and John Morrison – Morrison and Bourne get the pinfall when Barrett hits Cena with Wasteland and leaves the ring during the match. Otunga and Gabriel run in to help Cena to the back.
(Raw Main Event) CM Punk vs. Miz goes to a No Contest when Orton RKOs both men.[/spoiler]

SD! 11/19 [spoiler=]Del Rio vs. Mysterio (again) – The two battle it out until there is a large brawl when Swagger interferes and the teams run out from the back.
DCR cuts a promo on being Dashing even in victory. He unveils his new scent for men, “Dashing.” Shit smells incredible.
Ziggler cuts a promo in the ring complaining about not having a match at SS. He goes on to say that he was completely looked over in the #1 contender search. He claims that the IC title is a stone throw away from being the World Heavyweight Championship and that he is truly the best wrestler on Smackdown. Long interrupts him and informs him that he will be facing the Undertaker tonight.
Drewsky vs. MVP – MVP gets the pinfall when Drewsky loses his focus smelling himself since he has been using “Dashing” by DCR. Shit smells the best.
(Divas) McCool vs. Kelly Kelly – McCool breaks her. Beth stops a post-match beating.
Undertaker vs. Dolph Ziggler – Competitive match with Taker going over but Ziggler looking strong.[/spoiler]

Survivor Series 11/21[spoiler=](US) Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal – MOTN duh! Daniel Bryan retains
(Divas) Beth Phoenix vs. McCool – Beth Kills Bitches. Beth is the new Divas Champion
(SS SD) Edge, Kaval, Mysterio, JTG vs. Swagger, Gallows, Del Rio, Shad – Swagger’s team wins. Swagger and Del Rio survive.
(Tag Belts) DCR and Drewsky vs. MVP and Kofi – DCR and Drewsky retain.
(SS Raw) Miz, Sheamus, Riley, Dibiase vs. Morrison, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne – Morrison wins and is the sole survivor. Post-match, Sheamus runs back in and jumps Morrison. HHH arrives and makes the save, chasing Sheamus off with his sledgehammer.
(Nexus) Wade Barrett vs. John Cena for control of Nexus – Nexus watches the match from ringside. Barrett throws Cena out of the ring at one point and screams for them to attack him. Tarver attacks but the rest pull him off and refuse to attack. Cena wins the match.
(WHC) Undertaker vs. Big Show – Undertaker defeats Big Show with Hell’s Gate.
(WWE Belt) Randy Orton vs. CM Punk – Randy Orton defeats CM Punk.[/spoiler]

Raw Build to TLC:[spoiler=]Punk feuds with Daniel Bryan who wants to get the win back from Raw a few weeks ago.
Morrison becomes #1 contender. Miz panics at the thought of Morrison becoming a champion before he does and inserts himself into the feud as well.
Sheamus and HHH feud.
Cena throws Barrett and Tarver out of Nexus. The two are not allowed in the WWE locker room because of their actions with Nexus. Cena declares that Nexus will control all belts on Raw and says that they are bringing the tag belts back to Raw.
McGuillicutty and Husky go after tag belts and feud with DCR and Drewsky.
Cena and Barrett feud still. Sets up a TLC match at TLC.[/spoiler]

SD build to TLC:[spoiler=]Ziggler feuds with Del Rio and Mysterio over the IC Belt. It leads to a ladder match at TLC.
Undertaker vs. Swagger is set up for TLC.
#1 Contenders match is set up involving Edge, Big Show, Kofi and MVP in a fatal fourway at TLC.
Beth and LayCool feud continues. McCool gets her rematch at TLC in a Divas Table Match.[/spoiler]

TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 12/19[spoiler=](IC)Ziggler vs. Del Rio vs. Mysterio – Ladder match for the IC title. Del Rio wins to become the new IC champion.
(US)Punk vs. Danielson – Match goes to a 30 minute time limit draw.
#1 Contenders match for the WHC Belt: Edge defeats Big Show, Kofi and MVP.
Sheamus vs. HHH – HHH gets the pin.
(Divas) McCool vs. Beth Phoenix – Beth still kills bitches dead.
(Tags) DCR and Drewsky retain over McGuillicutty and Husky.
Cena vs. Barrett – Cena wins, declares his campaign for the WWE championship has begun. Vows to bring it home to Nexus.
(WHC) Undertaker vs. Swagger – Taker retains
(WWE)Randy Orton vs. Morrison vs. Miz – Orton retains[/spoiler]
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by ArJay » Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:11 am

Shot wins.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by ILOVEMATTHARDY » Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:18 am

I thanked solely for the fact that Beth's policy on bitches is, in fact, to kill them dead.

Very well done though, you toomuchtimeonyourhands motherfucker.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by MarvelousMe » Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:11 am

"Morrison becomes #1 contender. Miz panics at the thought of Morrison becoming a champion before he does and inserts himself into the feud as well. "

I'd mark for that.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by Longshot » Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:44 pm

ILOVEMATTHARDY wrote:I thanked solely for the fact that Beth's policy on bitches is, in fact, to kill them dead.

Very well done though, you toomuchtimeonyourhands motherfucker.

It's just good booking. Of course Beth kills bitches. It's just booking her to be herself.

Also, that shit took forever. It's a good thing I have been kind of sick the last few days and haven't really gone out at night or I would have never finished that thing. I was strongly debating between writing it out or just saying fuck it and taking the points hit.
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Re: Book The Final Quarter

PostPosted by Longshot » Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:41 pm

Bump for voting.
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