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Wiki Rules

PostPosted by 2G CrayZ » Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:38 pm

With a new mod come new rules. You need to respect these rules. If you don't, you WILL be banned from the wiki and depending on the offense, from Armbarforums.

Rule 1: All Armbarforums rules apply to the Armbar Wiki.

Rule 2: All articles must be created and/or edited with a ArmbarWiki account (that you will have to create). You can READ the wiki without a Wiki Account. Any article created with no account will be deleted. Any edit will be reverted. If it happens once (it could happen) we will let you off, but please be aware that your IP will show up, so don't be stupid.

Rule 3: All Wiki accounts must share the same or similar name (in other words, I could have 2G CrayZ or Crayz, but not "Captain Awesome").

Rule 4: You can edit any article you want, HOWEVER if you want to edit a specific article about a member, ask permission first.

These rules can be changed and you will be notified if they change.

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