Wonderful Weekend of Non-UFC Fights Discussion Thread

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Wonderful Weekend of Non-UFC Fights Discussion Thread

PostPosted by #Foxxc# » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:26 am

This weekend is packed with non-UFC fights and nobody cares, but I'll throw it all in one thread and hopefully get some discussion happening.

First up, BAMMA 7.

Middleweight bout: Frank Trigg vs.Jim Wallhead
Catchweight (176 lb) bout: Paul Daley vs. Jordan Radev
Lightweight bout: Andre Winner vs. Jason Ball
World Lightweight Championship bout: Rob Sinclair vs. Diego Vital

First up we have Sinclair vs. Vital which is essentially a striker vs. grappler affair with two quality prospects out of England. I give the nod to Sinclair here, he has really shown great improvement with his muay-thai and defensive wrestling and would expect him to collect a knockout because Vital doesn't have much of a chance unless it hits the mat.

Winner should dispatch of Ball -- Winner is looking to get back to the UFC when this BAMMA three-fight deal is up and needs impressive wins. Ball won't pose too many threats to him so I am expecting him to submit him.

Daley missed weight for this fight which pretty much makes him a prime candidate to move up to 185 [Nate Marquardt fight = money] but he should be able to beat Radev. Radev is on a hot streak at the moment with a win over Alexander Shlemenko but I don't think he has it in him to pull the upset.

I favor Jim Wallhead over Frank Trigg. Judo Jim is a quality fighter who is good enough to get to the UFC but not really stick around. I think Wallhead can control the tempo of this fight for the most part, get the fight to the floor and win on the cards.

Next up, Bellator 48

Welterweight Quarterfinal bout:Chris Lozano vs. Brent Weedman
Welterweight Quarterfinal bout: Ben Saunders vs. Chris Cisneros
Welterweight Quarterfinal bout: Luis Santos vs. Dan Hornbuckle
Welterweight Quarterfinal bout: Steve Carl vs. Douglas Lima

Bellators welterweight tourney always delivers and this should be no different.

I would expect Douglas Lima to get advance against Steve Carl. Lima is a guy who will likely be in the UFC [along with his brother Dhiego Lima] before we know it. He has great muay-thai and does well to pressure his opponents into getting it to the floor where he can catch a submission.

Dan Hornbuckle got robbed last time he was in the welterweight tournament but he should get to the semis this time. Santos is the kind of guy who has been around forever, incredibly tough but isn't going to go anywhere big. Hornbuckle should collect a dominate unanimous decision.

I'm pegging Ben Saunders to get to the semis. He was initially expected to face Rick Hawn [a fight he loses 9 times out of 10] but that's off the table and he gets Chris Cisneros who is talented but "Killa B" should be able to pressure him on the feet too much throwing his jab and setting up his big right hand, first round TKO.

Brent Weedman should dominate Chris Lozano. Weedman was a nobody before he faced Hornbuckle and got the big upset and has looked great with a vastly better game than I ever thought he would have. Expect Brent to work over Lozano, take the fight wherever he wants it and leave with a 30-27 score card.

Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinal bout: Josh Barnett vs. Sergei Kharitonov
Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinal bout: Antonio Silva vs. Daniel Cormier
Middleweight Championship bout: Ronaldo Souza (c) vs. Luke Rockhold
Light Heavyweight bout: Muhammed Lawal vs. Roger Gracie
Lightweight bout: Pat Healy vs. Maximo Blanco

Finally we have Strikeforces card with the continuation of the heavyweight grand prix.

It's no secret, I love Maxi Blanco. He always brings the thunder and puts on highlight reel action but this is a big step up in competition. I think Maxi wins this fight as long as he doesn't get too wild with his strikes and shows a bit of patience instead of going for the TKO from the opening bell.

King Mo beats Roger Gracie pretty handily. Gracie is one of the best pure grapplers in all of MMA, his credentials are almost unmatched but I don't see him getting it to the floor. King Mo should be able to knock him out in the second.

Jacare should tap Rockhold, I like Luke but he beat a bunch of guys levels below Souza to get the title shot. I think Jacare shows off his stand-up for a round before tapping him in the second.

I'm backing the underdog with Cormier over Silva. I think Cormier is one of the best wrestlers in all of MMA and I don't know if Silva can stop his takedown over and over again, either Dan gets the takedown or gets knocked out trying.

Barnett vs. Kharitonov is the same story as Barnett vs. Rogers. Barnett puts him on his back, works to pass then gets a sub.

Discuss, discuss, discuss.
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