A Foxxc Column: Lenne Hardt - Behind The Microphone

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A Foxxc Column: Lenne Hardt - Behind The Microphone

PostPosted by #Foxxc# » Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:12 am

She is one of the most polarizing figures in mixed martial arts – Lenne Hardt thrills audiences with her energetic, one-of-a-kind ring introductions that have garnered her a huge cult-following.

Hardt made the huge leap from New York to Japan in the late 80’s and since she was fluent in both English and Japanese did a lot of work in radio and television.

“Acting and voice overs in New York City transplanted to Japan to use my language skills when offered a job here in radio and it snowballed from there.” Lenne said.

Outside of her announcing she has also worked as a voice actress for popular video games titles as Tekken, Rumble Roses, Silent Hill and Virtua Fighter.

Additionally, Lenne has her own Jazz Cabaret band that she has been in for eleven years now.

“We are a funky, funny, sexy, naughty, dramatic, enthusiastic, jazzy, R&B-style five- piece show band consisting of drums, piano, stand-up bass and a wicked trumpet player,” She said. “And oh yeah! That screaming jazz lady”

Her career took a different turn in January of 2000 when her agent put her in touch with the officials at Pride Fighting Championships to announce an event.

“I got a call from my agent two days before saying they needed a bilingual announcer who wouldn't be shy in front of 40,000 people at the Tokyo Dome. I knew I fit that bill!”

What was considered to be a one off event turned out to be a full-time gig as she worked for them all the way up to their final event in April 2007.

She joined the organization at the ideal time because the Open-weight tournament would be the starting point for the boom PRIDE would have for the early part of this century.

Fight fanatics over the years have affectionately dubbed her “The Crazy PRIDE Screaming Lady” although she isn’t the biggest fan of the title.

“It's a bit of a misnomer,” She said. “I'd like to think that listeners realize what I do involves a hell of a lot more technique and inspiration and style and thought than mere screaming!”

“What about matching the music and personality of the fighter in my tone and rhythm? Or the mood of the crowd in pitch and volume? And how can you miss rolling the R’s?” Lenne continued.

Just as Bruce Buffer is a huge part of the UFC production today Lenne was equally as important, if not more so to the PRIDE product.

When PRIDE was sold to the UFC in 2007 Lenne was left without an avenue to announce mixed martial arts events until DREAM, the unofficial second-coming of PRIDE opened its doors in 2008.

Lenne last got the chance to captivate an audience this past weekend when DREAM hosted their DREAM 17 event from the Saitama Super Arena featuring the quarter-finals of the bantamweight world grand prix.

If you’ve never heard Lenne Hardt announce an event you are surely missing out.
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