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Foxxcs Judges Praise Board

PostPosted by #Foxxc# » Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:26 am

New idea that popped into my head, basically judges get a whole lot of shit from the MMA community [and rightfully so in most cases] but I don't want to be a total downer on those that put up the scores that matter so I decided to make a board of judges decisions that are very good.

Now I won't be giving judges points for if fighter A beats up fighter B and clearly wins and they give him a 10-9 because they should do that anyway, it's the situations that should be applauded with scoring that go up.

For instance, if fighter A takes fighter B down with every intent of sitting in his guard and do nothing but fighter B is active off his back throwing elbows and looking for submissions and a judges scores it for fighter B then he'll make my board.

Well, it's not really a board yet because it doesn't make sense to do up an excell spreadsheet when there is only one thing to put on it but once I get a few I'll put up a leader tally.

The first person to score points on my board is...

Doug Crosby: 1 point
Doug Crosby is widely considered to be a pretty good judge but the one black eye against his name has always been scoring every round for Frankie Edgar in his first fight with BJ Penn which is absurd but I'm guessing when Nevada punished him by putting him on some no-name cards he's decided to take notice while watching the action.

In the main event of Saturday's UFC 136 event, much like UFC 125 Gray Maynard obliterated Frankie Edgar in the first round putting him on dream street which earned a clear 10-8 round on almost every score card put forward by the media.

However, only one judge had their head screwed on to realize the definition of a 10-8 round and that was Doug while Cecil Peoples and Nelson Hamilton both scored the round a 10-9.
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Re: Foxxcs Judges Praise Board

PostPosted by Longshot » Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:55 pm

Cool concept Foxxc
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