The WORST of 2011

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The WORST of 2011

PostPosted by MarvelousMe » Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:57 am

Exactly what the title says. The LAW recently did a podcast on the worst of 2011. To anyone unfamiliar with the LAW, they go over all types of stuff besides Professional Wrestling. MMA, NFL, NBA etc. So for this post, we will stick to Professional Wrestling. I'll post the categories below. Feel free to add in your input whenever you can. Now for me, I will have two different sides. One for WWE and one for TNA (I am starting to watch ROH and other organizations like PWG more, but I did not watch enough in 2011 to fill out the list). Alrighty, now that we got that settled, simply post your opinion and explain your reasoning if you choose to.

*Worst Wrestler (Male and Female)
*Worst Tag Team
*Worst on the Mic
*Worst Announcer
*Worst Non-Wrestling Performer
*Worst Gimmick
*Worst Match of the Year
*Worst Feud of the Year
*They Really Dropped the ball on…
*Worst Angle
*Worst Pay-Per View
*Worst TV Show
*WTF Moment of the Year

*Worst Wrestler (Male and Female)-David Otunga and Kelly Kelly

I should not have to explain anything about Otunga. He's garbage and is only there because he's married to a famous singer. However I will say that they have found the correct role for him in the lawyer gimmick. Just let him talk and keep him away from the ring. Should he wrestle, try to hide him in some gimmick match (Tag Team, Street Fight, etc). Otunga by himself sucks. Most people hate on Kelly Kelly for different reasons. Rather than go on a rant about her, I'll just say one simple thing. She CANNOT RUN THE ROPES. Pay attention to her matches in 2011. Running the ropes is a very simple mechanism in the world of professional wrestling. Its one of the first if not the first thing they teach you. If you cannot run the ropes, then just fucking retire. Not only can Kelly not run the ropes, she actually avoids doing so in her matches. The fact that she screams like she is having anal sex doesn't make her matches any easier to watch. She has shown me no improvement in the ring either. Sorry Kelly, learn how to run the ropes and hopefully you can avoid this list next year.

*Worst Tag Team-AirBoom

I know what you guys are thinking. Really Marv? Airboom? But they were a decent tag team right? Sure they were. Both Kofi and Bourne are two great mid-card workers. I have nothing against either guy, my beef is what they represent. AirBoom is a prime example of what WWE has been doing for years. Rather than build up a legit tag team, WWE often pairs up two random faces/two random heels (and sometimes a heel and a face) that happens to be a good idea at the time and makes them the champions. When they do this, it doesn't make the tag team titles any more prestigious, but it just makes them more "noticable". WWE has done this SEVERAL times over the years. Rather than put the belts on Cryme Tyme, they put it on Big Show and Chris Jericho. Rather than put the belts on Dudebusters, they put it on Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Again, nothing against Airboom, it just annoys me when they lazily pair up two random guys into a team and they just become champions all of a sudden. Its just not believable to me. I think Kofi and Bourne did an OK job, but they weren't booked too strongly. I can recall several matches where they both lost individually or lost a non-title match. Not the most convincing tag team champions. I'm still confused on why the Usos continue to be ignored....

*Worst on the Mic-Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio has bored me from day 1 as far as promos go. If it wasn't for this man's wrestling ability, I'd probably be bored shitless. Ever since this guy debuted in WWE, we knew three things about him.

1. His name is Alberto Del Rio
2. Its his destiny to become a champion
3. Rey Mysterio is a little chiwawa

That's it. He repeated these same lines over and over and over and over and over. What protected Del Rio on Smackdown was it was the more wrestling orientated show therefore it was your ability in the ring that mattered most. What also helped him was he feuded with guys like Mysterio, Edge, and Christian who are good on the mic so Del Rio didn't have to speak much. When Rio moved to RAW the more Promo Oritented show was when his limitations on the microphone became apparent. His feud with CM Punk really exposed him. I understand that he is injured now. Again, I enjoy his in-ring work, but he has the most stale delivery for me in the WWE. He really needs to work on that. His promos felt so dry and forced. I remember the RAW after Summerslam where he cashed in and became the Champion and the crowd was completely dead and couldn't care less.

Worst Announcer-Everyone

I'm skipping this. They all suck in their own way. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, alright fine, I guess I can say a few things. Well first off the only shows that matter are RAW and SD! All other shows aren't watched by the majority so I won't cover them. Sadly, it narrows down our options.

Michael Cole-Cole is in the wrong era and the wrong role. Cole would be over huge in the 80's or the 90's. Cole would be a fantastic manager. I still believe he can be one and start a similar faction to the Heenan Family. It would be a great way to revive dormant heels like McIntyre or Swagger. The issue with Cole is he buries EVERYTHING that's not a heel (except Danielson). When he constantly calls people losers it starts to sink in to the viewer and they think the face is a loser too. The fact that none of the other announcers are strong enough to argue against him don't help matters either. Cole is alright, he's just in the wrong role.

Jerry Lawler- I've said it countless times before, that Jerry contributes absolutely nothing in commentary. He's just there for a paycheck. Its a damn shame too, because he used to be an outstanding heel commentator.

Booker T-Booker is getting better as time goes by. He has a bad habit of repeating himself, calling moves the wrong name and getting wrestlers names mixed up. As long as he keeps to comedy and the fav 5 thing, he's OK. I'd enjoy him more if he did commentary with Foley or Chet Lenon.

Josh Matthews-Matthews is a good play-by-play guy. The issue with Matthews is he has no balls when it comes to defending the faces or himself. Cole will just go on an absolute frenzy and bury the face and Matthews will just sit there in a complacent manner. He's not strong enough to get anything going because Matthews doesn't really have a demanding presence. If Matthews was on commentary with say J.R or Striker then maybe it would be better, but as long as he's with Cole his true potential will never be realized.

Worst Non-Wrestling Performer-Anonymous GM

It was annoying, stupid, retarded, and ridiculous. Worst of all, it was never revealed. I can't remember what RAW it was, but some dude actually had a sign that said anonymous GM=???. I thought the fan was awesome for using such a sign. Yeah, GM was annoying and by no means am I welcoming the GM back, but situations like this is why fans stop watching professional wrestling because they claim their intelligence is being insulted. You don't shove a character down our throats for over one year and then just randomly have it disappear for no reason. We aren't idiots Vince.

*Worst Gimmick-HITC

Honestly, it just doesn't work anymore. The point of HITC is to end prolonged feuds of personal nature. Particularly in a violent manner. If you study the history of the HITC, you will see that the feuds in the cell weren't about a title, but moreso about personal hatred for each other. Nowadays, HITC just has guys with no real beef or hatred competing over a title. Its just become another gimmick. Worst of all the PG rating makes it harder for the more violent spots the match is infamous for. Of all the gimmicks in WWE, this one just doesn't fit in with me anymore.

Worst Match of the Year-Miz/Cena (In general)

Their match as Mania 27 was absurd. I've never seen Cena so unmotivated before. I don't know what happened that night. The booking, crowd, and finish didn't help for that match either. It even tops Orton/HHH from Mania 25 as most lackluster Main Event in Mania I've ever seen. Their rematch at OTL sucked too. That match is a prime example of why male fans in a 16-30 demographic dislike Cena. Why get invested in a brutal match when he just no sells all of it and comes back with the five moves of doom? I'm sure some crappy NXT match deserves this, but since I don't watch NXT that won't happen here.

Worst Feud of the Year-CM Punk/HHH

Words cannot describe how stupid this feud was. It made no sense whatsoever. It was so bad it made me stop watching entirely. So CM Punk gets powerbombed by Kevin Nash and Nash says it was because he got a text that told him to do that. Punk, HHH, and Nash go back and forth over who sent the supposed text message. Punk tears Nash a new asshole in the promos while he constantly belittles HHH in a sarcastic manner. They build up the angle like its going to be Punk/Nash, but then out of nowhere it becomes Punk/HHH...a match they could have saved till a bigger PPV. So then its revealed that Nash texted himself and then HHH fires him. Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.... So then HHH and Punk start shoot promos on each other every week and I can help but wonder why. Whats the point of it? Why were they even fighting at that point? It had already been revealed that Nash did it. Just call it square and move on. HHH/Punk have a match that only Vince Russo could have booked in the most unusual clusterfuck of a match I've seen in WWE in years. Nothing in the match made any damn sense. So HHH wins. What does that prove? That the COO is above everyone else. Ugh, what a headache. Fuck this feud. If you are truly trying to build CM Punk as the face of the company, then he should go over the authority figure. Austin went over McMahon. Sting went over Bischoff. Guess I can't expect too much from Triple Douche.

*They Really Dropped the ball on…Christian's WHC run


*Worst Angle-No Confidence COO angle

I really should not have to explain any further. It was mutually agreed by everyone here that the angle was poorly written and executed. The worst part about it was it took CM Punk's character in the opposite direction of what he was supposed to be which is a rebel. Everything about HHH just pisses me off honestly. He just doesn't know how to get involved in an angle without burying people and the only thing this angle accomplished is that he truly is a spotlight hog.

*Worst Pay-Per View-Capitol Punishment
I did a rant about this last summer. I hate repeating myself. Trust me, this PPV blowed. WWE cut it in 2012 for a reason. I particularly recall Longshot, Bando and myself having similar opinions on this show.

Worst TV Show--NXT
Yeah, its an internet show now, but it wasn't always that way. It became an internet show as the year went on. The current season of NXT is about to surpass WCW 2000. Ridiculous. What is the point of this show again?

*WTF Moment of the Year-Awesome Kong's real life pregnancy

Caught me off guard. Not only that, but they acknowledged it on Television. The whole thing just really shocked me. Been following Kong ever since she started in the indies, and I never expected something like that from her. I find it somewhat ironic that someone I didn't see that way gets pregnant when Melina is all honky dory. Remember kiddies, Wrap it up!

Kinda tired now. Will do the TNA portion later today. Laters.
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Re: The WORST of 2011 (Part II)

PostPosted by MarvelousMe » Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:16 am

*Worst Wrestler (Male and Female)-Robbie E and Madison Rayne

Everything about Robbie E sucks. All he does is headlocks and restholds. Not even Orton does them that much. He's very green and needs to get sent to OVW ASAP. Madison Rayne is more entertaining as a character than she is as a wrestler. She had one of the longest KO reigns in the history of the company and it was horrible. Her antics and personality are great for managers or personalities but not for wrestling. Her recent pairing with Gail Kim has protected her.

*Worst Tag Team-Mexican America

A poor man's LAX for sure. I have not encountered a single person that liked this tag team. Not only do they suck, but they are dangerous. Hernandez almost killed Douglas Williams earlier in the year with an insane border toss. He is very careless in the ring and has injured several people last year. What people forget about the original LAX was Homicide carried the in-ring work while Konan carried the promos. Hernandez was just the muscle for support. With both guys gone, he is extremely exposed. Anarquia is average as well. Nothing special, just a poor man's Chavo. To make things more awkward, both guys can't even speak proper Spanish. Its embarrassing. The promos they cut weren't very good at all. Konan could go in detail on how the Mexican culture was being held back, but this group just stuck to cheap to anti American Heat by bringing the Mexican Flag every week. Not even Beer Money could carry these guys to a good match. The only good thing about this group was Rosita and Sarita.

*Worst on the Mic-Mr. Anderson

Its not Anderson himself. Its his presentation and the material that he uses. I'm not sure if they allow him to be himself or if he is following script but they need to reformat his promos. Anderson is best used in the "less is more" approach. Keep his asshole gimmick on the low. The more this guy talks the more annoyed we all get.

*Worst Announcer-Taz

How the mighty have fallen. This guy was God of shoot promos back in ECW now look at where he is. Being a father really tones you down in life. Sure, Taz knows his wrestling holds for the most part, but he still makes simple mistakes while laughing at his own crude humor. Like Lawler, this guy is here for a paycheck.

*Worst Non-Wrestling Performer-Dixie Carter

Just a spoiled rich girl from the South. This woman doesn't know anything about Professional Wrestling. That much has become obvious at this point. Dixie Carter is just a scapegoat for politicians to use. Her acting and theme song isn't doing her any favors. The highlight of the year was when Bobby Roode spat on her. Classic stuff.

*Worst Gimmick-Robbie E

Poor man's Zach Ryder. Nuff said.

*Worst Match of the Year-Hardy/Sting


*Worst Feud of the Year-Pope vs. Devon

The mere consensus of the feud has never made sense. So let's break this down. Devon is mad that Pope could be a bad influence on his kids. So...................don't bring your kids to the Impact shows...Problem solved. Then Devon has a wife, that is just written off and then brought up again. You don't know if Pope is a face or a heel and Devon comes off across as an abusive father every time he lectures his kids. This went on for too long. Thank God its over.

*They Really Dropped the ball on…BFG Series

It was a good idea on paper. It brought meaning to TNA's biggest show of the year and built it up for the better part of four months. The system was quite simple. The issue was how it was handled and the booking of the matchups as well as what would eventually happen to the winner....

*Worst Angle-Angelina/Winter Vampire Time Traveling Lesbians angle

The Naruto puns were all over the place. So basically, Winter drugged Angelina for whatever reason thus ending the Beautiful People. Winter could literally control Angelina with her mind. One week they are lesbians, the next week they are vampires, the next week they are reincarnations, the next week they are zombies. Right and then after a month of that Angelina is seemingly back to normal yet is still cool with Winter.

*Worst Pay-Per View-Victory Road


*Worst TV Show-N/A

*WTF Moment of the Year-Hogan/Sting @BFG

It all makes sense. It was obvious what Hogan was doing. Because Hogan is a glory hog he wanted to undermine Bobby Roode by stealing the show from him. You see, Hulk Hogan is in denial, he really believes that fans still want to see him, even in 2012. The point of Hogan/Sting was he wanted to prove that fans can still pop for Hulkamania. The amazing thing is....they actually did.
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