UFC 143 Discussion Thread

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UFC 143 Discussion Thread

PostPosted by #Foxxc# » Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:45 am

MMASucka.com wrote:This Saturday the four-week UFC marathon concept that will cause both my future divorces comes to a close and they saved the best to last with an action-packed card on pay-per-view capped off with Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit battling it out for the interim UFC welterweight title.

As always the staff here at MMASucka.com got in our picks – Let’s see what they have to say.

Interim UFC Weltweight Championship bout: Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit

Jeremy Brand: this fight is a crazy one. We had Carlos on MMASucka radio this past week and sounded calm and ready. We all know how Nick Diaz is. The man will pester you with jab after jab. After seeing Nick dominate BJ his last fight and Nate absolutely kill his last opponent it’s hard to bet against a Diaz. Luckily enough there is no money involved in this, so I am going to pick Carlos Condit by 3rd round TKO.

JP Lasaleta: I see this going like a welterweight version of the Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone fight. The sheer volume of punches and the constant pressure will fold Condit into a decision loss.

Carlin Bardsley: To say I’m excited for this one would be an understatement. These are two guys who have the skills to take the fight all over the cage and even into the hospital afterwards. I can see Diaz’s volume punching wearing down Condit as they head into the championship rounds. As Condit tires, his impulse will be to take the fight to the floor, where Diaz will wrap up the fight with a gogoplata.

Justin Faux: On paper, one of the best looking fights in a long, long time and I think it will deliver – I’m taking Diaz to get this one because he has such an aggressive style that would have the average person sucking wind after a round but due to his cardio he can keep it up, I don’t think Condit can deal with this high-level of output for 25 minutes, I’m taking Diaz to win a close decision.

Sucka’s taking Diaz: 3
Sucka’s taking Condit: 1

Heavyweight bout: Roy Nelson vs. Fabricio Werdum

Jeremy Brand: if this fight goes to the ground it’s going to be a chess match. So many people forget that Roy Nelson is a black belt in BJJ. I think this could be a do or die comeback fight for Werdum. It seems like he is thinking about his next step rather than Nelson and I think “Big Country” will capitalize on that. Roy Nelson by 3rd round TKO.

JP Lasaleta: I don’t care how good wedum’s stand up is getting with his stand up, if JDS can’t KO Roy, no one can. Roy’s style of jits is strong enough to avoid getting subbed, and with his continual improving conditioning, he’ll be going strong for 15 minutes. Roy by decision.

Carlin Bardsley: This is an interesting fight, as Werdum has something to answer for after the debacle against Overeem in June. If the fight stays standing, then its Nelson’s to lose. But despite Nelson’s BJJ black belt I don’t think his skills match Werdum’s once it hits the floor. I see Werdum controlling enough of the action on the mat to eke out a decision.

Justin Faux: A really interesting fight, I really just don’t see either man being able to put the other away though, Werdums striking is looking much better, hell he just out-struck the best heavyweight striker in the world last time he saw him and Nelson has excellent grappling so I don’t see him being tapped, when it hits the later parts of this fight it might not be pretty but I’m taking Nelson to land better strikes on the feet and collect a pretty one sided decision.

Sucka’s taking Nelson: 3
Sucka’s taking Werdum: 1

Welterweight bout: Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce

Jeremy Brand: Koscheck has this fight all wrapped up. His witty comments about Pierce being a declared midget have been hilarious. I think it will take Koscheck the entire 15 minutes but he will be able to grind out a unanimous decision victory.

JP Lasaleta: Josh Koscheck is better in all aspects or the game. I can see Kos catching the KO in round 1 to make a statement for a title shot against the main event winner.

Carlin Bardsley: Despite claiming he only wanted “money fights”, Koscheck returns to the UFC against a middle of the pack welterweight in Pierce. As long as Koscheck sticks to a game plan and doesn’t try anything crazy, he should be able to control the pace and ease back into his winning ways like a hot bath.

Justin Faux: I’m a supporter of Mike Pierce but I don’t see how he’s going to get this one, we’ve seen it time and time again when two great wrestlers are pitted against one another it turns into a striking match, that’s where Koscheck has a clear edge, Koscheck to put him away in the second.

Sucka’s taking Koscheck: 4
Sucka’s taking Pierce: 0

Bantamweight bout: Renan Barão vs. Scott Jorgensen

Jeremy Brand: Is there any question in this fight? Jorgensen is really gunning for a title shot, but with Barao in the way i don’t think it’ll happen. Renan Barao by 1st round TKO

JP Lasaleta: Barao is definitely skilled, but I see Jorgensen a bad match up for his skill set. Jorgensen will to use his speed, wrestling and ground and pound to grind out a decision.

Carlin Bardsley: Barao’s been destroying everything in his path and while Jorgenson is a veteran and a gamer, I don’t see anything stopping the tidal wave of momentum that Barao is on.

Justin Faux: Everyone is counting out Jorgensen here, I mean don’t get me wrong I’m taking Barao as well but I don’t see him steam rolling over him like he did against Brad Pickett, Jorgensen is a talented, well-rounded fighter who can beat most in the division, I just see the punching power of Barao to be a clear edge, I’ll pick Barao to take a decision.

Sucka’s taking Barao: 3
Sucka’s taking Jorgensen: 1

Middleweight bout: Ed Herman vs. Clifford Starks

Jeremy Brand: Ed Herman is going to take out Clifford Starks. Herman really wants to keep his job with the UFC and I feel he is more focused now than ever – Ed Herman by 2nd round submission.

JP Lasaleta: Herman is way too stong and has too much exp for starks. Herman will ground and pound Starks to a round 2 KO.
Carlin Bardsley: Props to Starks for agreeing to step up a level in competition, but while he has good wrestling skills, nothing else on his resume appears to match up favourably with “Short Fuse”. Herman should be able to dictate the pace and pound Starks out.

Justin Faux: Maybe I’m completely underestimating Starks here but he’s done nothing to make me think he can get past Herman, even if “Short Fuse” is nearing his twilight, I’ll pick Herman to feel him out for a round before putting the nails in the coffin in the second frame.

Sucka’s taking Herman: 4
Sucka’s taking Starks: 0

Welterweight bout: Dan Stittgen vs. Stephen Thompson

Jeremy Brand: Stephen Thompson by first round TKO
JP Lasalea: Stephen Thompson by first round TKO
Carlin Bardsley: Stephen Thompson by first round TKO
Justin Faux: Stephen Thompson by first round TKO

Sucka’s taking Thompson: 4
Sucka’s taking Stittgen: 0

Middleweight bout: Rafael Natal vs. Michael Kuiper

Jeremy Brand: Rafael Natal by first round submission
JP Lasaleta: Rafael Natal by second round submission
Carlin Bardsley: Rafael Natal by third round submission
Justin Faux: Rafael Natal by first round submission

Sucka’s taking Natal: 4
Sucka’s taking Kuiper: 0

Welterweight bout: Matthew Riddle vs. Henry Martinez

Jeremy Brand: Matthew Riddle by Unanimous Decision
JP Lasaleta: Matthew Riddle by second round TKO
Carlin Bardsley: Matthew Riddle by Unanimous Decision
Justin Faux: Matthew Riddle by Unanimous Decision

Sucka’s taking Riddle: 3
Sucka’staking Martinez: 0

Welterweight bout: Matt Brown vs. Chris Cope

Jeremy Brand: Chris Cope by Unanimous Decision
JP Lasaleta: Matt Brown by second round KO
Carlin Bardsley: Matt Brown by second round TKO
Justin Faux: Chris Cope by Unanimous Decision

Sucka’s taking Brown: 2
Sucka’s taking Cope: 2

Bantamweight bout: Alex Caceres vs. Edwin Figueroa

Jeremy Brand: Alex Caceres by Unanimous Decision
JP Lasaleta: Alex Caceras by Unanimous Decision
Carlin Bardsley: Edwin Figueroa by Unanimous Decision
Justin Faux: Edwin Figueroa by Unanimous Decision

Sucka’s taking Caceras: 2
Sucka’s taking Figueroa: 2

Featherweight bout: Dustin Poirier vs. Max Holloway

Jeremy Brand: Dustin Poirier by third round submission
JP Lasaleta: Dustin Poirier by second round KO
Carlin Bardsley: Dustin Poirier by first round submission
Justin Faux: Dustin Poirier by first round submission

Sucka’s taking Poirier: 4
Sucka’s taking Hollaway: 0
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