The Pre/Post Raw Trivia Challenge

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The Pre/Post Raw Trivia Challenge

PostPosted by ILOVEMATTHARDY » Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:00 am

Hey guys! I've noticed a fair amount of people that clearly totally know what they are talking about around here and I would like to put a challenge out to everyone!

The premise is simple:
1.) We decide whether this'll happen before or after Raw.
2.) Those who want to participate will be entered into a group MSN chat!
3.) It's like Jeopardy. Rapid fire questions on all your favourite topics.
4.) Person who gets the most right wins!

It's not hard. Just have a knowledge of what you watch, and you'll do fine. PWG, TNA, RKK, ROH, WWE, WCW, YMCA, CZW, IWN, NWA, JCW, it's all here! Stand up for what you know, or be stood up for knowing nothing!

Everybody wins! Except the losers.
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