Bully Ray and Devon's Contract Situation

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Bully Ray and Devon's Contract Situation

PostPosted by Longshot » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:33 am

- According to several sources in TNA, the contracts for Bully Ray and Devon are set to expire within the next four to five weeks. The two have been discussing new contracts, but sources report that there hasn't been any real movement in the process. Bully Ray is one of the company's top heels and works as an agent for the company, while Devon is TV champion has been working with younger talents on the roster on both TV and house shows.

The two first signed with TNA back in 2005.

Credit: PWInsider

I wouldn't have said this two years ago, but I think losing these two would be a major blow to TNA at this point. Both guys have no problem putting younger guys over and working programs with them. Devon is the TV Champ, as was stated above, and when champions kind of just disappear, it looks bad. Bully Ray is more important in my mind though since he kind of gives TNA that gateway main event heel that babyfaces SHOULD have to face before they can get a title shot.
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Re: Bully Ray and Devon's Contract Situation

PostPosted by Herco » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:40 am

Devon has given some credibility to the tv title back and Bully Ray is exactly the guy you want to put other people over based on his amazing ability to draw heat.

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