Nexus to Reform?

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Nexus to Reform?

PostPosted by Longshot » Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:39 am

- WWE officials have discussed the possibility of bringing back the Nexus. The company was reportedly "shocked" when they heard fans doing Nexus chants on Raw during the Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel match and one of the top stories on was one about whether Barrett might reunite the group.

A source in the company said, "The only reason for putting up a top story on the website about a glorified squash match is to hear more from the fans."

Officials feel it would give Barrett a chance to lead the stable again and would showcase him to look as strong as they can, and the Nexus brand sold a ton of merchandise. The company plans to see if the Nexus chants continue, and are working on ideas for if they move ahead.

Credit: WrestleZone

I like this idea a whole lot more than Encore becoming a stable. I don't know that you bother involving Ryback, but I think that several of the Nexus guys are a little more established in their characters at this point and it might have some legs to it. Well, at least Barrett, Otunga, and Slater are established in their characters. Gabriel has more or less been lost in the mix for a while. Ryback has his own thing going on obviously. Bryan has a major angle going. But still, a four man stable with Barrett, Otunga, Slater and Gabriel wouldn't be bad. They could cut Slater out and put McGuillicutty in I guess.

I am more or less on the fence on this whole deal, but I could see it working.
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Re: Nexus to Reform?

PostPosted by LegendKillerRAB » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:10 am

I disagree, and feel that reforming the Nexus would be the absolute wrong idea at this point. Slater is an absolute joke, with Gabriel & McGillicutty not far behind, and adding them to ANY group at this point would only detract from that groups' credibility. Bryan & Young are already entertaining in their current gimmicks (Bryan moreso than Young of course), & Ryback, though I find him boring, is clearly over with the majority of the crowds. Even Otunga has found his niche in his current gimmick (though he still can't wrestle for shit). While adding these men would add to the Nexus' credibility for sure, the idea is for the Nexus to get Barrett over, and thus it would also kill 2 of the most over acts in WWE (Bryan & Ryback) as well as 2 good midcard acts (Young & Otunga). All that leaves as far as former members go is Husky Harris & Michael Tarver (I don't count Mason Ryan or Ezekial Jackson, as Ryan was only in the CM Punk led New Nexus after Barrett was kicked out of the group, and Ezekial Jackson was only in the Corre). Tarver was released, so there's not much more to say on him (other than the fact that there's no way in hell they'd rehire him just to reform the Nexus). Husky Harris is currently not even on the main roster (he's down in FCW, known as Bray Wyatt, and he's apparently got a great gimmick too, so there's no reason to kill that either). I think Barrett himself would benefit more from running with his current gimmick, as I could see it becoming the asskicker heel type gimmick (the type Sheamus had last year before they turned him face) which I feel would greatly suit Barrett. Finally, there's the problem with Nexus itself, in which anyone with a memory of more than 2 years would remember the fact that, in the end, it was a giant failure. Reviving something that the fans already recognize as having bombed would not bold well for the group. In the end, reviving Nexus at this moment is a horrible idea in my eyes, and I hope WWE sees that too.
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Re: Nexus to Reform?

PostPosted by Herco » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:40 pm

It wouldn't be a bad idea on paper, but when was the last time a WWE stable lasted for more than a year? The nexus should still be going on.
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