Christian/Truth Returning; Generico to Developmental

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Christian/Truth Returning; Generico to Developmental

PostPosted by Longshot » Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:50 am

- Christian and R-Truth are expected to return to action within the next two weeks.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter via

About time Christian got back. Not sure what they can do with him for Mania, but I wouldn't mind seeing him feud with Barrett or Cesaro. Definitely would be a fresh match up for both guys. Actually, Kofi/Cesaro would be fun too.

WWE waited on signing El Generico due to the lawsuit with TNA. While Generico was never signed to TNA, WWE opted to wait on making the offer because they discovered that he had previously wrestled two tryout matches for TNA. WWE wanted to be extra careful and stay away from a wrestler that TNA had looked at until the lawsuit was settled.

Generico is currently training at WWE developmental in Tampa, and at this time it's expected that he will debut with a different gimmick.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter via

Getting rid of the Generico gimmick just seems weird to me. I only say that because I have never heard of him doing a different gimmick, though I am sure he must have at some point in his career. I wonder if he does a different gimmick or just gets a renaming. That being said, a comedy luchador team of El Local (Ricardo Rodriguez does this gimmick) and El Generico could be funny.
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Re: Christian/Truth Returning; Generico to Developmental

PostPosted by LegendKillerRAB » Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:00 pm

I like the idea of a possible Christian/Cesaro match at Mania. Not as keen on Christian/Barrett though (it just doesn't strike me as an intriguing matchup, plus I'm pretty sure Barrett will wind up defending his title against Bo Dallas at Mania). As far R-Truth, if he returns as the awesome crazy heel he was in 2011, then consider me interested in what he does in the coming months. However, I fully expect him to return as the crappy diluted face version of that character, and in that case I could care less what he does.

As far as El Generico goes, anybody who thought he'd manage to keep his name & gimmick is crazy. WWE always wants to own the trademarks to your character's name, which is why so many independent scene guys wind up with different names in the WWE, because they aren't going to allow WWE to own their independent scene names. Also, almost every independent scene guy sans CM Punk & Daniel Bryan has a different gimmick in the E. Jon Moxley, Tyler Black, Claudio Castagnoli, & Chris Hero have all had it happen to them, El Generico wasn't going to be any different. I do think it's stupid not to just rename Generico and have him wrestle the same gimmick, as I have a feeling it would be successful on the main roster (not necessarily a main eventer, but successful nonetheless), but of course, we all know that Vince's mantra of "If I didn't create it, it's worthless," is one big reason that didn't happen.
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