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Staff Rules

PostPosted by rich0 » Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:52 am

Conduct Towards Members

* Members deserve to be treated with respect at all times. Even in times of disagreement and tribulation, the members will be considered as equals and their opinions are to be taken into consideration by all members of staff, regardless of intent

* Any personal issues between a staff and another individual (regardless of individual), where possible, shall be dealt with by someone who is not involved in the situation, without bias. Any staff member found to be acting maliciously and biasedly against anyone will be reprimanded immediately.

* All criticism based on posting standards should be done privately, directly to the member. It should never appear that the Staff's intentions are to belittle an individual publicly. Any abuse of power or use of title will not be tolerated, as it is not your role to intimidate in any way.

1. All member rules apply to staff.

2. All staff members shall be held accountable for any disciplinary action executed by them. Shall there not be solid reason and justification in regards to said action, it will be overturned and nullified. All decisions are debatable by other moderators, administrators and any individual member of ARMBARforums through private messaging.

Translation: Be prepared to stand up for your actions as a staff member and give your reasoning to the member in the wrong. Staff are in their position for a reason, and everyone deserves justification and fair treatment.

3. All members of the administration shall respect their colleagues. Any public voicing of disapproval shall be dealt with in the same regard as members vocalizing public dissidence.

Translation: Mod sass is mod sass. And even with your position, you will be reprimanded.

4. Any extended period of inactivity may be subject to appraisal of title and subsequent vote of non confidence, followed by immediate election of a replacement
Translation: Be active. If not, the other staff can choose to replace you. Then a new moderator will be publicly elected to assume your position.

5. A main priority for moderators is to promote forum growth and activity. This includes, but is not limited to;
-Discussion within most topics
-Thread creation
-Positive encouragement of every member towards their contributions
-Prevention of topics being taken in a direction that is not the intention of the thread

Translation: Stay active, and respect the members. Prove why you are in your position and give reason as to why ARMBARforums is the cat's pyjamas.

6. All rules that apply to members will be applicable and enforced upon staff members. It is with great regard that staff shall lead by example, and should they fail to, it will be addressed immediately.

Translation: Lead by example. With great power comes great responsibility.

7. All staff shall read and know the Rules and Frequently Asked Questions.

Translation: If you don't know the rules and FAQ's, then you're just running off your own personal judgement, which will not end well for you.

8. Any issues that are not addressed or acknowledged to the Administrators can potentially be vito'd by the Administrators. All concerns will be noted and investigated hastily.

Translation: If you have an issue with Member X, say so. Going out and banning him/her without known cause reflects poorly on you and makes you appear unprofessional.

9. The administrators' decisions are final should a discrepancy arise.

Translate: the admins pay for the site, they do the coding, and watch over the general well being. As there ARE three of them, there will always be a fair and unbiased judge if you feel persecuted through prejudice. But through all decisions, it will be their call in the end.
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